How To Make Money Online With Travel Blogging

You recently came back from a trip and that light feeling you have is making you wonder-

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could travel more often?”Or “I wish I could do this for a living”

Well, I am here to tell you ITS POSSIBLE

Making Money online while visiting your dream destinations is a 21st-century reality. This is what we also refer to as the Dot Com Lifestyle.

It’s Possible, It’s Simple but is it easy?

You will have to read the rest of the article to find out for yourself!!

For all the people Looking for ways to make money online with travel blogging here are the best methods with which you can accomplish that “Good Life”

Before we begin, just to tease you guys a little bit, here are a few examples of Indian Travel Bloggers/Vloggers who cracked the code of making a living by following their passion to travel. 

How to make money with travel blogging

Enough beating around the bush lets straight jump into the juicy parts of this blog.

There is only one principle of making money on the Internet, what I call the golden rule. Which is

This simply means the more traffic you are able to generate the more money you will make.

But where do you need to send this traffic?

You need to have a central Digital Property where all your traffic is going to go to and where people are going to find you. This could be your

  • Youtube Channel
  • Instagram Account
  • Facebook Page


  • Your Very Own Blog/ Website.

Out Of All the options present, A blog/ website on travel gives the most potential to make money with the traffic you generate. So How do you get a website ready where you can share all those amazing travel stories you have with you?

Follow the following process to set up a basic travel blog on WordPress

  • Buy A Domain Name & Hosting- I buy My domain names from generally as they are cheaper and for hosting I opt for the Advanced Plan by Bethelwebhost.
  • Install WordPress so you can use ready-made templates that are customizable to improve the look and feel of your website.

A few WordPress themes you can install –


Magazine Like WordPress Theme

WP Ocean ( Travel)

Fixed banner based travel blog theme

Aquarelle Lite

Responsive & Light Travel WordPress Theme

Once you have the website in place time to move to Step 2

Decide Your TG

  • Is the content on your blog going to be for a solo traveler, backpackers or hippies?
  • Is your blog going to target college students who are looking for budget travel plans?

The best way to do this is, asking yourself, what kind of people will listen to your travel advice?

Now step.3 – Keyword Research

On the basis of your audience, you need to decide the keywords around which you need to create content.

In The SEO Lingo, we call it Keyword Research.

There is a nifty tool for that – Ubersuggest Though this process can be tedious, but if I put it simply, you need to find Keywords which have more than 500 searches/ month but less than 9000 searches per month and are More than 4 words.

Keywords with more than 3 words are called as long-tail keywords.

Try to find keywords that read more like a question, to which you can give an answer to via your blog content.

Once your keywords are in place we move to step.4

Create a Content Calendar

Before you run off thinking this is already too much work, just bear with me we are getting to the part where we actually make 💰.

Content Calendar simply means the content you intend to publish on particular dates.

A good way to start this is by producing ideas from your own head

  • Brainstorm– Think of all the places you went to, all the problems you faced, how you solved those problems. In those thaughts lie your content ideas. Eg: I went to Andaman & Nicobar Island in 2016 or 17 and I remember searching voraciously for restaurants that served local cuisines. Every decision of every restaurant that was made by me and my family was by these searches on google and the content that recommended us those restaurants.
  • Competitor Analysis– Look at the top 10/20 bloggers in your industry and see what they are talking about. If the 1st method isn’t working for you, this will get the idea engines in your brain running.
  • Use the Portent Content Idea Generator, it’s a nifty tool. You won’t get the exact blog idea for a keyword you put in, but it will show you a lot of possibilities.
  • Content Idea Gold MineYoutube Comments. Search for any travel-related youtube video that was published in the last 1 Month and has at least 4 figure views on it. Completely ignore the video content and scroll directly to the comments section. Look for unanswered question in the comment section. Those are real problems for which real people are looking for answers, and you can be their savior.

Step 5: Get Traffic

You worked your rear end off to produce a Kick-Ass Article that solves travel problems of your target audience. But Until you promote it, no one’s Going to come and visit your website. Here are a few quick things you can do to put your content in front of People 

  • Email Everyone you know, informing them about the awesome piece of content you wrote about travel, and you are absolutely psyched to hear their reviews on it.
  • Share it on all your active social media handles so your friends and family can see it, in case they missed it via E-Mail.
  • Participate in Travel Related FB Groups and humbly share your blogs there. For God’s Sake Don’t Spam the groups with just links, at least acknowledge the Group Admin and the members by telling them in brief what your blog is about and why should anyone read it.
  • Quora: One of the most amazing thing on the internet. Go to look for travel-related questions and answer a bunch of them. To a few you can recommend,

“if you want to know more about this, I wrote a blog on the same topic, feel free to read it and share your views” and then share your blog URL

  • You Can convert your blog Into a video and share it on Youtube. Use this nifty tool- Lumen5 which converts your blogs into videos with a single click of a button. Ohh and did I tell you Its FREEE
  • Outreach: Travel is a competitve Niche, it is always good to have people walking the same road help you, guide you. Reach out to as many travel bloggers as possible to build a relationship with them. Reach out to them with an intention to give them something i.e free content, free videos, free collaboration. Show them how genuine of a person you are. If you are lucky a few of them might actually return the favor by giving you a shout out or giving you a backlink. My suggestion-  “approach them with 0 Expectations.”

Step 6: Monetization TIME

Here are the 6 ways in which you can monetize your travel blog’s hard-earned traffic.

1) Adsense

One of the simplest and easiest ways to start monetizing your published content Google Adsense gives you some of the highest CPC & CPM rates for the ads you run on your website.

So all those people you bring to your blog if you have Google Adsense you get paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads or even every time they view it.

2) Affiliate Marketing

In this, you simply pick up someone else’s product, promote it on your website to your readers, and for every Conversion that happens you get a preset % Commission

Travel Industry Is full of some of the best Affiliate Offers 

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Tours & Travel Packages

Signup with the affiliate networks that have travel-based offers.

Read the Terms carefully and then just promote it to your Audience

A tip: Try to pick offers that you think your readers will relate to.

To Boost your Affiliate Commission You can get traffic Via Paid Mediums like FB Ads But If you are going the Paid traffic Route don’t forget to make calculations of Your ROI & optimize your ads to lower your costs so you can increase your profits.

3) Paid Articles

This works mostly when you have a sizeable amount of traffic on your blog.

You can approach Travel Agencies/ Organisations and propose them that you can help their brand reach out to a targeted travel Audience( your Blog Audience) for a certain fee.

You quote them rates for writing articles about them on your website. Now higher the traffic and its quality on your website, the more you can charge.

4) Influencer Marketing

As mentioned earlier you need to have a central digital presence, this could be any of your digital properties.

If you chose this to be, Instagram or youtube and cultivate a decent travel-based followers & subscribers respectively.

You will join the elite club of Social Media Influencers.

One of the perks of being a social media influencer is you can actually get paid for posting on your social media handles. The only thing is the content is going to be about your sponsor.

5) Create your Own Product/service

This is One Of My Favourite methods. One of the most difficult ones but has the highest returns and the most amount of freedom.

As a travel enthusiast you could organize information around a certain destination or destination types in a long-form content like an e-book and sell it via your website or Amazon Or You could you use your travel expertise to curate special experiences for people to explore and have a great time.

You can sell this as a service instead of a product.

6) VLogging

People in today’s time experience the place they want to go several times before they actually visit it. This happens via videos on Youtube. Certain people have hijacked this trend and made it a career. These people are called as travel Vloggers.

Here are the things you need to do

  • Document your travel experiences on Video
  • Upload It On Youtube
  • Monetise your videos with Adsense for youtube

If you are still reading this, I want to congratulate you for reaching almost the end of this article. This can only happen

  1. You are really serious about this.
  2. I am a really good content person

There is a lot of things you will have to learn, and figure out, before traveling transforms from a hobby to a career.

But if you are serious about this and are willing to invest 3-6 months of work in building a travel-based blog and make money from it Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @asknimitkhanna

These were some of the broad ways with which you can start to make money online with travel blogging.

I am sure, there are plenty more ways that I have missed here, so do let me know in the comment sections below whatever ideas you have

 You see I too am learning 😀

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